Selector Infected WIXOSS Review

WIXOSS is a card game that’s popular with teenagers. Supposedly there exist “Rulig Cards,” female character cards with wills of their own. Special girls can hear the voices of the Ruligs, and those who possess them are called Selectors. These Selectors have card battles in a dimension that other humans cannot access. It’s said that whoever triumphs in these battles will have their wish granted. Ruko Kominato is the latest girl to find a Rulig card. She names hers Tama, and without any further explanation is thrown into her life as a Selector.



Opening: “killy killy JOKER” by Kanon Wakeshima

Ending: “realize -Yume no Matsu Basho- (realize -夢の待つ場所-)” by Cyua

Selector Infected WIXOSS is interesting. It is another card game anime and it will be turned into an actual card game called WIXOSS that will be released on the 26th of April. It also has its own site, so if you’re interested go check that out. However, it is in Japanese, so I suggest using chrome. The game itself, the setup at least, reminds me a bit of Vanguard. Other than that, I have no clue as to how it works.

There isn’t much to the first episode of the anime and the synopsis is pretty much the general idea of the first episode. Ruko gets the game from her brother and like any normal person, she is surprised that her card can move. Ruko is basically thrown into a fight without really knowing how to play but Tama, her rulig appears to be strong and kind of battle hungry, which is contradictory to how she looks.

One interesting rule is that those who are selectors and have a rulig can’t lose 3 times. If they do, their ruligs disappear. Like any other game based anime, you can expect things to heat up and more battles to come.

I am not quite sure what to think of this anime aside from the thought that it is interesting, which I think that about a lot of story lines/plots. It’s just a matter of if I will continue watching the anime. I’ll most likely watch the next few episodes and decide after that so I can’t say if I would recommend this or not. I would suggest that you try it out and see it for yourself but I don’t know if it will be good.


2 thoughts on “Selector Infected WIXOSS Review

  1. I have to admit this show won my optimism. It’s like a slightly more horrifying Fantasista Doll, only with effort applied to the card battling.

    Still plenty of room for it to go all sorts of wrong. It was really confusing how Ruko just knew all the phases of her turn…

    • That is true but what made it slightly okay for me was that the guy(her first opponent’s twin) kind of explained things to her, despite being vague of all sorts. I still wish they explained the game play a bit more though.

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